About Notes from the Box

Hello, my name is Euan Bryson and Notes from the Box was my idea. I set up this blog as a way of satisfying my new obsession with CrossFit – as well as my massive ego.

Though I will be the main contributor of NftB, it is about more than just me. Together I hope we can eventually celebrate the successes of CrossFit box communities across the world. HOWEVER, for now I’ll rein in my ambition a little and focus on my new home from home: Clyde Coast CrossFit in Ayr, Scotland.

In the coming days, weeks and months I’ll introduce you not only to myself but also also the Clyde Coast Crossfit family, biological and otherwise.

Inside the box we’ll look at the best WODs of the week; progress of individuals (including myself); lifting and gymnastic technique (or there lack of); as well as generally celebrating the community which develops within boxes.

And thinking outside the box, we’ll take a look at how CrossFit can change your life and how changing your life can help you look at CrossFit differently.

Of course, like a coach’s capacity for reaching new levels of programming cruelty, this list is not exhaustive.

Follow me on all my CrossFit adventures on Instagram and Twitter or visit Notes from the Box daily for updates from inside and outside the box.